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October 24, 2023

Introducing Conversation Starters on Catalyst™

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Everything DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people annually in thousands of organizations around the world for the purpose of facilitating enhancements in teamwork, communication, and workplace productivity. At The Heffelfinger Company, we use  Everything DiSC® tools to help leaders and workers understand themselves and their colleagues better. Through the process, teams find a solution to build more effective working relationships and leaders based on an understanding of different behavioral styles. There are six versions of DiSC® assessments to choose from:

1. Everything DiSC Workplace® (Now also available on Catalyst™)

2. Everything DiSC Agile EQ® (Now also available on Catalyst™)

3. Everything DiSC Productive Conflict®

4. Everything DiSC Sales®

5. Everything DiSC Management® (Now also available on Catalyst™)

6. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

“Our clients love using DiSC® to learn about themselves and their teammates. We will often hear ‘I can't believe this but it's spot on - it totally describes who I am.’ We delight in hearing our clients share their styles and the nuances of their styles with each other and how their styles play out at work. We find our clients are genuinely interested in learning about each other and that DiSC® is a fun and safe way to do that.”

- Lori Heffelfinger

In December 2022, we announced the Catalyst™ platform in our blog: UnderstandingThe E-Learning Platform: Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™. The Catalyst™ platform by Wiley is an e-learning platform that is the hub for Everything DiSC®. It is a virtual learning platform that acts as your single access point for what you learn and how to apply it. For example, one of the most significant benefits of Everything DiSC® is that it can help you understand how you interact with your fellow team members. Within the Catalyst™ platform, you can see your teammates’ results, and there are descriptions of what interactions between you and someone else might be like.

The publisher, Wiley and Sons, Inc., just keeps on making it better!

Introducing Conversation Starters on Catalyst™!

We are thrilled to share Conversation Starters with our clients as a way to keep the excitement going after your team gets their initial Everything DiSC® assessments. Conversations Starters is an additional function of the Catalyst™ platform that comes at no cost!

Benefits of Conversation Starters

The Catalyst™ Conversation Starters feature enhances the impact of Everything DiSC® by extending its utility beyond live training sessions, fostering team cohesion, and boosting overall performance. This feature provides an opportunity for organizations to realize an even greater impact from their investment in Everything DiSC®.

This innovative tool blends Everything DiSC® principles with user-friendly discussion guides, empowering teams to engage in meaningful conversations about the influence of personality-based differences on group dynamics and people’s unique needs during change. The ultimate goal is to guide teams toward actionable steps for improving their collective performance.

With Conversation Starters, your team will be able to use DiSC® to:

Get to know each other / your team faster

This section explores how to work with a new team or how to get to know your existing team better. The subsections are:

· Fast-paced vs. Steady-paced

· Private vs. Outgoing

· Next Steps

Communicate more clearly

Enhanced communication among teams leads to heightened effectiveness. Within this section, you can explore both the commonalities and distinctions in communication styles between you and your team members while also discovering valuable recommendations for enhancing your communication skills. The subsections are:

· Tactful vs. Frank

· Structured vs. Unstructured

· Next Steps

Make better decisions / Make decisions together

This section explores the group dynamics that may affect your decision-making process as a team. The subsections are:

· Accommodating vs. Strong-willed

· Skeptical vs. Accepting

· Next Steps

The result will be more cohesive teams that work (and perform) better together!

The Basics & Where to Find It

The "Your Groups" feature within Catalyst™ enables any platform user to form a group comprising up to 25 members from the same Catalyst™ organization. Within this function, a DiSC map of the group is prominently displayed, complemented by three additional panels offering valuable insights: Style Insights, Group Insights, and the newly introduced Conversation Starters.

You can easily locate the "Your Groups" function on the Catalyst™, situated just below the "Your Colleagues" section. Access to this feature is granted to individuals who have completed an Everything DiSC® assessment on the Catalyst™ platform.

Ready to Create a More Cohesive High-Performing Team?

Conversation Starters gives teams the tools they need to talk about personality-based differences and how these differences affect group performance. The program also assists in developing clear action steps for the future. If you have a Catalyst account, it’s easy to get started! Please  reach out to our team with any questions; we are eager to help you develop and create the team your organization deserves.


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