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The Heffelfinger Company uses the Hogan to provides tools for improving performance in both leaders and their employees.

Get data-based personality insights to maximize organizational success.

Hogan assessments cultivate strategic self-awareness so employees, leaders, and your business will all reach their highest potential.

  • The Hogan assessment is engineered to produce genuine and lifelong professional development, giving you a clear path toward organizational success.
  • Hogan provides tools for improving performance in both leaders and their employees
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About Hogan

Hogan challenged decades of academic tradition and criticism to become the first to demonstrate personality’s impact on organizational success, pioneering the use of personality assessment to improve workplace performance.


Founded in 1987 by Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan, Hogan leads the world in personality assessment and leadership development. With products and services in 56 countries and 47 languages, what began as a small startup has evolved into the industry leader serving more than half of the Fortune 500.


Grounded in more than three decades of validated research, Hogan assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business. Thirty years later, we are committed to the same spirit of innovation that helped us become the industry leader.

Strategic Self-Awareness

The Hogan assessments help individuals by facilitating strategic self-awareness. Understanding the underlying work style traits, core values, and derailment risks that may impact behavior allows one to manage his/her behavior to increase workplace success. The Hogan assessments help organizations by identifying characteristics that may impact an individual’s job performance as well as his/her fit within a particular role, team, or organizational culture.

Get the data you need to gain deeper insight into your current and future talent today.


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