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About Us


The Heffelfinger Company

We are business-leadership and team-performance experts who cultivate and align leaders and teams to drive sustainable, scalable business results.

But this isn’t just a company. It’s a calling.

Indeed, helping organizations is a vocation we CAN’T NOT do—because it’s our lives’ work.

It’s why CEOs call us when they want to stop struggling—and start working effectively together on a transformational, shared vision.

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Like you, we’ve spent large swaths of our careers as leaders in tech. 

So we know how to go from being technically competent to people savvy. How to transform lackluster performance into high performance. Reach and surpass revenue goals. Overcome the competition. Retain top talent. Keep learning. 

How Do We Know These Things?

Because we’ve done them. And we’re called to help others do the same. 

C-suite leaders, Fortune 100 executives, and mid-level managers engage THC to:
  • Become more influential via leadership development and improved strategy
  • Overcome invisible obstacles with renewed vision and purpose
  • Inspire high-performing teams
  • Navigate organizational and global change—with less stress
  • Attract and inspire others to buy into a strong, mission-driven culture
  • Achieve what seemed impossible

THC’s clients—

from tech to energy, pharma to professional services, financial to food—include Juniper Networks, Cannon Design, Sysco Foods, The Cheesecake Factory,

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And scores more.

CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs, CLOs, and Directors rely on our seasoned team of consultants and coaches. You get access to exactly the expert(s) you need: tech authorities, people-skills professionals, masters of mindset, organizational-effectiveness pros, EQ consultants, and more.

Engage our proven suite of support—coaching, assessments, workshops, strategy, and team development—to become as skilled a people-person as you are a technical expert.

Frustrated that some strong-minded leaders and teams are working at cross purposes? Team with THC to cultivate a less fear-based workplace, guided by leaders who are more self-aware, influential, and inspirational.

Swap silo-thinking and silo behavior with greater engagement, team collaboration, communication, commitment, and consensus. So everyone’s pulling together—in the same direction.

Fear that overall underperformance will impact revenue—or worse, drive obsolescence? Together, we’ll find what’s “off,” clarify priorities, and streamline processes.

By filling “trust leaks,” you boost collaboration, decision-making, time-to-market, loyalty, and efficiency. And lessen costs and conflict…among individuals, teams, stakeholders, and customers. We’ll get you there.

Our approach is as unique as your challenge

Most, if not all our consultants, have worked as leaders in organizations and intimately understand the internal and external challenges facing our clients.

We have an unwavering interest in helping organizations achieve what they thought was impossible.

How to Make Cool Leaders Great and Great Organizations Better.

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