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About Us


The Heffelfinger Company

We help our clients overcome invisible obstacles with renewed vision or purpose. We build trusted leaders who inspire high performing teams.

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How We Work

  • We believe that great leadership creates great organizations.
  • We have a track record of success with Fortune 100, Mid-Market, Professional Services, and Public Sector organizations.
  • We are authentic, straightforward, flexible, and passionate about our work and your results!
  • We believe organizations can thrive when they unleash their untapped potential creating something that others cannot replicate.

Our approach is as unique as your challenge

Most, if not all our consultants, have worked as leaders in organizations and intimately understand the internal and external challenges facing our clients.

We have an unwavering interest in helping organizations achieve what they thought was impossible.

Solve Your Organizational Challenges

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Let’s work together to help YOU bring powerful, positive change to your organization.