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Employee Passion Survey


Employee Passion Survey

Build a High-Performance Culture - a Culture of Belonging and Inclusion

Do your employees love coming to work?

Research shows that if you satisfy employees' needs they will trust you.

And if you satisfy the needs that ignite passion, your employees will trust you and be passionate about what they do and their organization.

Intégro’s research shows 78% of employees are passionate about their work and yet almost half of these engaged people are emotionally disconnected from the organization they work for.

The Employee Passion Survey

Intégro research identified the five employee needs that ignite passion. 

Intégro's research has clearly shown that when these needs are highly satisfied, trust for management is high and passion is high.

The Employee Passion Survey measures the:

  • Degree to which the needs that ignite passion are being satisfied
  • Level of trust employees have for management
  • Level of passion they have for their work and their organization.

The power of the Employee Passion Survey is that it gives managers feedback about the impact their behavior is having on how their direct reports feel about coming to work and how committed they are to doing their best. When managers have this information, they can develop specific action steps to increase trust and passion.

Employees who are passionate about both their work and the organization they work for are more likely to stay long-term, increase customer loyalty, and go the extra mile. This is what builds a High Performing Culture. 

In our experience, organizations need their employees to be emotionally connected to both their work and the organization to enable them to work at their best, hence the use of the more emotive term, ‘Passion’.

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