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Business today is calling for new ways of working, leading, and engaging employees.


Cultural Transformation

Adapt today—and be ready for tomorrow & beyond.

No organization is immune to tremendous global changes: digitalization, shifting market and workforce dynamics, pandemics, supply chain shortages, market chaos…ad infinitum.

Yet if you couldn’t adapt, you’d likely already be out of business.

According to Gartner, 93% of CEO’s want to change their culture.

But do you know where to begin? And are you really ready for what’s next??

For most industries, what worked even a year or a few months ago won’t work now. So you may have already lost your edge.

Partner with THC—and be change-ready for inevitable future upheavals. So you stay competitive—and ahead of the game.

Cultural and Organizational Transformation for:

Cultural and Organizational Transformation for:

  • Mid-sized enterprises (500 - -5000 employees)
  • Newly merged companies
  • Business lines
  • Fortune 500 functional groups
Together, we'll:

Together, we'll:

  • Employ our cultural assessment tools and methodologies to:
    • Clearly understand your current culture
    • Determine desired culture
    • Reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to be
    • Begin to realize your ideal future-state culture
  • Map The Culture Journey, with steps that often include:
    • Purpose – why we do what we do
    • Norms – our behaviors and values
    • Identity – Who we are and want to be
    • Success metrics – How we’ll know
  • Rework and implement organizational strategy (if required)
  • Write a new playbook for your organization—one that champions leaders in fostering transformative strategies, culture, leadership, and teams.

Book a free, 20-minute assessment with Founder Lori Heffelfinger to determine your cultural transformation readiness.


Learn more about how we, our colleagues in The Consortium 4 Change, and our clients lead transformational change.

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Order The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change

  • Learn about the three things that make the biggest difference in leading successful transformational change
  • Learn the highest priority things to know or do about transformational change
  • Learn what other leaders have done
  • Read our essay “Transformation Through Adaptive Leadership” starting on page 76 in The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change book
  • After reading our essay, book us to do a presentation, interview, panel discussion, or other speaking engagement

"I think ‘listening deeply’ in consulting is just table stakes. Lori Heffelfinger transforms listening to an entirely new level. She hears what’s being said—and what’s NOT being said. She has the courage to say what needs to be said and do it thoughtfully, carefully, and honestly—in ways you can hear. So she can spot blind spots. She also notices body language and how it supports—and sometimes contradicts—our words."



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