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Comprehensive Leadership Solutions

Midmarket CEO’s and Fortune 100 leaders drive sustainable business results with our proven services:

Our Services



For execs + business, group, enterprise, & functional managers

Consulting + Coaching + Workshops + Assessments to align teams to organizational vision—and to each other.

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” Patrick Lencioni, in his classic book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


Coaching execs + business, group, enterprise, & functional managers to:

  • Boost ability to lead strategically, work on highest priorities, and delegate well
  • Lead and influence change—with less stress
  • Generate measurable changes in EQ—especially in self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, and confidence
  • Foster a more engaged, higher-performing team
  • Leverage strengths to generate greater individual and team well-being and happiness
  • Lessen workplace tension and create more work-life balance
  • Enhance capabilities and assume greater responsibilities to become more promotable


For mid-size enterprises, business lines, & functional groups in the Fortune 500:

No organization is immune to tremendous global changes: digitalization, shifting market dynamics, pandemics, supply chain shortages, market chaos, and more.

If you couldn’t adapt, you’d likely already be out of business.

But are you really ready for what’s next??

Partner with Heffelfinger to ensure you’re change-ready for inevitable future upheavals. So you stay competitive—and ahead of the game.

Together, we’ll:

  • Create and implement organizational strategy: Organization identity, vision, purpose, mission, values, and goals
  • Write a new playbook for your organization—one that supports leaders in fostering transformative strategies, culture, leadership, and teams.
  • Tap leading transformational-change tools, including the Star Model and cultural assessments that reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to be.


For execs, middle management, & high-potentials:

  • Increase ability to think strategically and manage complexity
  • More effectively lead virtual, hybrid, and dispersed teams
  • Engage and retain top talent
  • Lead inclusively
  • Leverage talent across geographies and markets
  • Improve cross-enterprise collaboration and innovation
  • Increase accountability to generate better business results
  • Shorten go-to-market and delivery times
  • Improve business processes to boost customer retention


  • Everything DiSC®
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®
  • Team Alignment Survey (THC is a licensed associate of the Integro Leadership Institute)
  • Employee Passion Survey (THC is a licensed associate of the Integro Leadership Institute)
  • Hogan Leadership Suite
  • Leadership Circle Profile TM
  • The Shift Positive® 360°

“We desperately need more leaders who are committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and who are self-aware enough to lead from their hearts, rather than unevolved leaders who lead from hurt and fear.”
–Dr. Brene Brown

What Our Happy Clients Say

"We were looking for a workshop to provide a shift in culture in our department. Lori and James provided an amazing experience with aTeam Alignment Workshop for our team of six.  We witnessed our team become more collaborative, more effective in communicating with each other, and more effective as an organizational system."

Former Sr Director, Alumni and External Relations – Team Alignment

"My team’s active engagement in the businesshas rocketed up. We are not only a more creative team, but we are also producing a record-level performance for our business."

Vice President – Technology Company

"We were looking for a total immersion experience as part of our intensive performance Leadership Program.  Lori and Sophie provided an amazing experience using The Organization Workshop for our roughly 300leaders over six years.  We witnessed our leaders become more collaborative, more effective in their organizations, and more strategic in their alliances using a systems perspective while experiencing heightened ambiguity and complexity."

— Private Equity Consulting Group

Managing Director – Leadership Development

"I can safely say that I would not have been promoted into a new position without the skills and approach that I learned with James. This has been the single most impactful engagement that I've had in my career!"


"I learned to be a more strategic and assertive leader with an enhanced sense of empowerment so more of my potential can be expressed in the workplace.  My coach Nicole was a phenomenal listener.   The insights I have gained in executive coaching have benefited my whole life.  I am so glad I made the choice to work with her."

Anita Lee, Sr Director S/W Quality & Program Management – Executive Coaching

"Lori demonstrated a good understanding of the complexities facing executives in NG. Her broad-based experience helped her quickly understand the culture within the sector and what that meant for me as a leader. She helped me better understand both my leadership style and the needs of my key stakeholders within the sector.  Ultimately, this work resulted in a promotion to a GM role in a $1B sector."

— Aerospace Company

Jim Myers, VP GM – Executive Coaching

How to Make Cool Leaders Great and Great Organizations Better.

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