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Client case studies & business success stories

See how we help our clients solve challenges, foster an engaged culture, and become their best selves.


Client Case Studies

Client Success Stories

Managing Director, Private Equity Consulting Group

CFO – University Athletics Department

"I can safely say that I would not have been promoted into a new position without the skills and approach that I learned with James. This has been the single most impactful engagement that I've had in my career!"
Large Technology Company

Anita Lee, Sr Director S/W Quality & Program Management

"I learned to be a more strategic and assertive leader with an enhanced sense of empowerment so more of my potential can be expressed in the workplace.  My coach Nicole was a phenomenal listener.   The insights I have gained in executive coaching have benefited my whole life.  I am so glad I made the choice to work with her. "

Jim Myers, VP GM Aerospace Company

Professional Services Firm


"Lori’s greatest strength is that she reads a situation and personal dynamics extremely well…she thoughtfully and carefully acts on her perceptions to maximize the growth of others. We were recognized by the LA Business Journal for Best Place to Work in Los Angeles because of her work with our Principal Group. "

Vice President, Technology Company

"My team’s active engagement in the business has rocketed up. We are not only a more creative team, but we are also producing a record-level performance for our business. "