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Shift Positive®

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The effective approach to feedback grounded in positive psychology and allyship.

Are you tired of Executives fearing their 360 assessments? Or being defeated by the results? Or missing the point by trying to figure out who said what?

Wouldn't it be better if the 360-assessment created trusted allies and collaboration?

The Shift Positive® (Shift+) Method Does Exactly That!

How is Shift+® Different?

Through a series of questions, informed by appreciative inquiry and positive psychology, the executive and the respondents develop a solid understanding of what is and what the future can be if they collaborate.

The result is a proactive collaborative group working towards the success of the executive and the organization.

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More About the Difference of Shift Positive®

The Shift Positive® method ensures the tough feedback is framed in a constructive and productive way, and for that reason it is not confidential. It's important that the leader knows the context of the feedback. Further, each participant becomes an ally of the leader to support them in their growth.

Shift Positive is more than a unique method of gathering and giving feedback. It's a mindset that creates a shift in how leaders engage with one another, building a more positive, solution-focused, engaged, and inspired workforce.

Shift Positive® 360 Uses:

Creating Fertile Soil for Growth

Shift Positive® 360 Uses:

  • Appreciative questions to understand the best of what is.
  • Solution-focused questions to identify specific desired behaviors.
  • Systems thinking to garner allies from the leader's "people system."
  • Social network analysis to gain insight into energy-raising behaviors and energy zappers.

Overall, this process is about more than just the individual leader receiving feedback. It is about creating an environment conducive to the leader's progress and engagement, creating fertile soil for growth.

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