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HRSF - Pay
Sep 13th
Times for Sep 13th: 9:00 am11:00 am

Pay Transparency: HR leaders charging ahead!

An in-person meeting at:

Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc.

100 Cardinal Way, Redwood City, CA 94063

On January 1 this year, a new law went into effect in California that requires companies with more than 15 employees to post salary ranges for open positions. This change to the legal and transparency landscape has far-reaching implications not only for how companies approach their hiring but also how they manage internal salary expectations and deal with the issues of pay equity and compensation compression challenges.

In this critical and timely session, we will explore:

How are HR leaders leading efforts to adapt to this new salary transparency landscape? What are they doing proactively to talk about pay? How are they dealing with confusion that arises between posted job ranges and actual pay?

  • How are they preparing managers? How are they addressing management resistance?
  • What are the unexpected positive consequences of compensation transparency?
  • What are the unexpected negative consequences and how are they being addressed?
  • What has been the employee response?
  • How are organizations addressing pay inequities that come to light?
  • What are the cultural implications of pay transparency?

Join us as we talk with practitioners and compensation specialists as they manage through the turbulence of pay transparency.

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