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Jul 26th
Times for Jul 26th: 9:00 am10:15 am

Leading with Laughter: Using Humor to Reduce Stress and Boost Performance

In collaboration with our colleagues across the North America HR Leadership Network (NAHRLN), we are proud to offer our annual summer collaborative program, this year focused on Leading with Laughter.

Leaders with a sense of humor are not only seen as more competent and more motivating, but

they also have higher levels of employee engagement and are more likely to solve complex problems creatively. Humor increases social connection and reduces the hierarchical distance between leaders and their teams. You might be thinking “It would be much easier to use humor if my job wasn't so stressful!” Believe it or not, one of the most effective tools to decrease stress and enhance overall well-being is... your sense of humor!

This content-rich session not only provides the foundation of why humor is such an effective leadership trait but also how to incorporate more humor into your leadership style and everyday life. Using a combination of proven strategies & research from positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive behavioral techniques, and improv & stand-up comedy, you’ll learn evidence-based techniques for how you can develop your sense of humor into a powerful leadership tool to enhance well-being and boost performance!

Participant Objectives:

  • Identify at least 10 ways to reduce stress using humor intervention strategies
  • Practice humor intervention strategies to boost resilience
  • Discover the impacts of humor on the brain and body
  • Learn strategies for using humor positively in professional and personal settings
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