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Nov 2nd
Times for Nov 2nd: 9:00 am4:00 pm

HRSF Summit: Capstone Conversations from a Year of Disruption

HR Strategy Forum Summit

HRSF last convened an in-person summit of strategic HR Leaders 3 years and a total disruption of work ago. On November 2, we are excited to bring together past and new participants for our HR Strategy Forum Summit.

Our theme will be “The Disrupted World of Work.” We will dive deeper into the four topics of our year-long exploration into how work has been disrupted by the pandemic; by technology; by employee expectations; and by social justice topics. We’ll build on this year’s HRSF event conversations about the past and present and discuss and co-create a future.

In 4 sessions, we’ll discuss how HR can lead companies to adapt to the new world of work by:

1. Redesigning the World of Work

2. Evolving HR to Lead through Disruption

3. Ensuring Diversity & Inclusion as the World of Work evolves

4. Developing Leaders to be Adaptable Change Agents

This is not a conference: no keynotes, no headliners. No sitting and being talked at. No obvious answers, no proclaimed experts. You will join thoughtful, experienced peers to discuss each topic, and rely on the collective wisdom of these HR leaders - on their experiences and lessons learned - to explore the uncharted new world of work and to think about what we must do next.

Some of the questions we plan to explore are:

· What does the Disrupted World of Work look like today?

· What are HR leaders experimenting with now?

· What’s working? What are the challenges? What’s clearly not working?

· What are we thinking about doing next?

· What are our employees telling us they want? How about our leaders?

· What are the implications for HR?

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