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Mar 28th
Times for Mar 28th: 9:00 am10:00 am

Getting Hybrid Work Right! Driving 2024 Results Through Culture and Collaboration

How on track are you with your HR and talent objectives this year?  Predicted challenges will require a forward-leaning talent management strategy—one that maximizes the best of hybrid work features to achieve a competitive advantage. In this interactive 60-minute session you will learn:

  • Provocative hybrid work data and best practices
  • What other HR leaders are thinking and doing
  • Senior leader vs. employee mindsets – move from care-abouts to desired outcomes
  • How to bridge the gap to:
    • Ensure high performance and collaboration
    • Enhance organization culture
    • Foster employee engagement
    • Improve productivity and boost motivation
    • Do so Quickly!

We hope you’re able to join us!

Your hosts include two topic experts—Lori Heffelfinger-MSOD, founder of The Heffelfinger Co. and Jeff Freedman-MSOD, founder of ClearPath Alliance. Both are Executive Team Coaches and Strategic Change Leaders with Fortune company and mid-market consulting and hybrid work experience across multiple industries.

Register soon through the link above to secure your space. 

Or, scan the QR code for more information and registration.

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