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Sep 20th
Times for Sep 20th: 12:00 pm1:00 pm

Designing for Hybrid Work – How to Get it Right

Uncover essential factors for crafting your Hybrid Work Design strategy. Boost your confidence in evaluating your approach comprehensively.

Struggling to get hybrid right? You’re not alone. Few organizations have found workable solutions. Most are still experimenting—or floundering—as marketplace dynamics keep changing. There’s plenty of information out there. And MIS-information.

While the future remains ambiguous and uncertain, you can take steps to get hybrid right, gain confidence, and forge a comprehensive path forward.  

We’ll examine factors including: 

  • The work itself (jobs and tasks)
  • Employee preferences and inclusion
  • Projects and workflows
  • The concept of place and time

Who's leading the session:

Lori Heffelfinger, founder of The Heffelfinger Co., cultivates leaders and aligns teams to drive sustainable, scalable results for C-suite leaders, Fortune 100 executives, and mid-level managers. This could include collaborating to create a new business playbook (looking at areas such as strategy, culture, leadership, teams, and hybrid work design), leading transformational change or creating and activating organizational strategy.

Malika Begin has worked in the leadership development space partnering with startups and established companies in tech, marketing, and entertainment to create award-winning culture. Her company, Begin Development, works with companies to build strategic organization development and people focused cultures. Begin Development specializes in creating internal integrated leadership programs; including COLLAB (8 month leadership development program), manager development, monthly all company Learning & Development and coaching programs. She partners with executives to build in organization development capabilities, and works with teams to remove barriers to cross-departmental collaboration.

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