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Mar 22nd
Times for Mar 22nd: 10:00 am11:30 am

Accelerating Team Performance

If you are new to your role or are struggling to get your key team members to own their roles, we understand. We are hosting a webinar to discuss challenges in creating ownership and high performance in your teams.

Discover and utilize strategies most leaders avoid that are key to creating immediate ownership and buy-in. Hint: You may prevent your team from hitting business goals if you aren't using these strategies.


Who is leading the session:

Lori Heffelfinger's firm helps CEOs and top leaders create 100% ownership of business objectives amongst their teams.

Lori has led her own team, facilitated teams, researched successful teams and understands at a deep level what it takes to create high-performing teams. She has over 25 years of management consulting experience collaborating with companies that believe investment in people significantly impacts the bottom line. Lori’s clients have praised her for her ability to build “ownership” in individuals and organizations. She specializes in: Strategy & Change Implementation, Senior Team Alignment, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching.

Malika Begin has worked in the leadership development space partnering with startups and established companies in tech, marketing, and entertainment to create award-winning culture. Her company, Begin Development, works with companies to build strategic organization development and people focused cultures. Begin Development specializes in creating internal integrated leadership programs; including COLLAB (8 month leadership development program), manager development, monthly all company Learning & Development and coaching programs. She partners with executives to build in organization development capabilities, and works with teams to remove barriers to cross-departmental collaboration.

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