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Business today is calling for new ways of working, leading, and engaging employees. How will you and your team respond?


Organizational Transformation

Collaborate with us to create a new playbook for your business - we will champion you in creating a transformative strategy, culture, leadership, and teams.

We team up with you to:

  • Transform strategy
  • Create amazing cultures
  • Integrate newly merged organizations
  • Redesign to be more nimble
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Leading Transformational Change

  • Your organization most likely has undergone tremendous change over the last several years (Pandemic, supply chain shortages, digitalization, shifting market dynamics, etc.), and your organization, most likely has adapted or you wouldn’t still be in business.
    • And your organization may still need to change – given what you most likely are seeing on the horizon for your industry and for your business to stay competitive and ahead of the game. The changes you have made so far – may not be enough.

      Learn more about how we, our colleagues in The Consortium 4 Change, and our clients lead transformational change.

      Order The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change

      • Learn about the three things that make the biggest difference in leading
        successful transformational change
      • Learn the highest priority things to know or do about transformational change
      • Learn what other leaders have done
      • Read our essay “Transformation Through Adaptive Leadership” starting on page 76 in The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change book

      You will also find more information in our recent blog Adaptive Leadership: How Organizations Can Manage Change in 2023

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      Star Model

      We are passionate about partnering with your organization at any/all of the points on the Star Model.


      • Our work on culture starts with an assessment of where you are and where you want to be. 
      • Then we engage your entire department or organization in a powerful way that unleashes the best of what already is and leans into the power of possibility.

      Let’s work together to help YOU bring powerful, positive change to your organization.


      Solve Your Organizational Challenges

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