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Top rated companies are led by high performing teams

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Leadership Team Alignment

High-performing organizations are led by aligned and high-performing leadership teams.
The Heffelfinger Company facilitates top teams to achieve success.

We partner with teams to achieve:

  • Improved trust & communications
  • Ability to constructively debate for better buy-In
  • Greater commitment to team decisions
  • Alignment on key priorities/strategy
  • Greater leader & team accountability
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Without alignment at the top –

Organizations often fail to effectively execute business goals

    Departments and functions work at cross purposes as they:

      • create redundant and ineffective processes
      • frustrate and demoralize employees
      • lose out to faster more nimble organizations

      How we align teams –

      Leadership alignment and team cohesion are achieved through constant and consistent attention to team purpose, goals, priorities, and interpersonal decision-making processes.

      The Heffelfinger Company follows this process to work with your organization/team

      1. Desired Outcomes: Meet with the team leader/executive to identify what you want to accomplish.
      2. Team Assessment: Interview and assess team members.
      3. Team Leader Coaching: Coach the team leader/executive before the team sessions.
      4. Team Alignment Session(s): Guide the teaming process to ensure alignment.
      5. Re-assess: Continually assess progress and adjust goals, priorities, and working agreements to increase velocity.

      The transformation to leadership team alignment can be done in short order with the appropriate effort and focus. This roadmap provides a typical approach to working through the process.

      Roadmap to Leadership Team Alignment

      * We offer virtual options as well.

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