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Leadership Assessments

Corporations & consultants: Tap the significant value of teaming with THC for your assessments

Clients: Save money on consulting fees by certifying internal team members in assessment delivery.

Consultants: Purchase our assessments at a lower cost—and build new revenue streams.

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  • Our approach is as unique as your challenge.
  • Our clients value purpose yet understand the importance of profit.
  • We believe investment in people significantly impacts the bottom line.

Select Assessments

Leadership assessments are proven, straightforward, and affordable tools for improving team and individual performance….and boosting your bottom line. They also help you assess critical thinking skills, behaviors, interests, team effectiveness, job fit, and more.

The Heffelfinger Company is certified, licensed, and well-versed in using the most powerful and popular assessment instruments.

Wiley Assessments include:

  • Everything DiSC® . We are independent Everything DiSC® Authorized Partners and certified facilitators with Wiley. Click for more details.

  • The Five Behaviors® for a more Cohesive Team: We are Authorized Partners and Certified Facilitators licensed to sell and facilitate this tool as well, through Wiley. Click for more details.

How We Work

We work directly with organizations and with external consultants.

3 easy ways to use Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors assessments to expand skills, performance, and teams:

The Heffelfinger team engages directly with you, your team, or your clients to facilitate an assessment(s) at a leadership retreat or offsite. And THC designs the session(s), interfaces directly with the key stakeholder/leader, and administers the assessments for the session(s).

Cost: Consulting fee + assessment costs

THC sets up your online account via which you order, administer, and deliver the assessments yourself.

Cost: Assessment costs + small, one-time set-up fee; set up cost is waived upon purchase of facilitator kit or certification.

THC shows you how to administer assessments yourself.

Cost: Two options:

A. We co-facilitate with you until you’re comfortable—for a consulting fee + cost of assessments.

B. We administer the assessments for you until you’re ready—for a nominal administrative fee, which is waived if we’re co-facilitating with you.

Additional leadership assessments offered by THC


Hogan Assessment

  • A solutions suite that fits with existing corporate strategy and spans the entire employee lifecycle. Click for more details.


Leadership Circle

  • This profile looks at creative vs. reactive competencies that correlate to successful leadership and high-performing businesses. And, according to the Spirit of Leadership white paper, it also prepares leaders for the next millennium–capable of navigating the delicate balance between short-term profitability and long-term good.” Click for more details.

    Read more about this assessment in our blog post.


Shift Positive

  • More than a unique method to gather and give feedback, this assessment also 1. Fosters a mindset that creates shifts in how leaders connect 2. Builds a more positive, solution-focused, engaged, and inspired workforce and 3. Creates allies amongst your peers. Click for more details.

    Read more about this assessment in our blog post.


EQ-i 2.0® and EQ 360®—Emotional Intelligence Assessments for Leadership

  • EQ skills are critical for building relationships and teams, resolving conflicts, solving problems, leading effectively, and building resilience. EQ skills can also be improved. That’s why at THC, we use the Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0. It’s a leading measure of emotional intelligence, and integrates decades of research to boost human performance and measure improvement over time. It’s also an online self-rating tool to which you can add the multi-rater EQ 360.

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