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Leadership Assessments

We strive for and delight in the adventure of improving performance.

The Heffelfinger Company (THC) provides a variety of assessment tools.  

The tools are designed to assess critical thinking skills, behaviors, interests, team effectiveness, job fit plus much more. 

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  • Our approach is as unique as your challenge.
  • Our clients value purpose yet understand the importance of profit.
  • We believe investment in people significantly impacts the bottom line.

Select Assessments

In addition to those highlighted below, The Heffelfinger Company maintains associations with many organizations that publish assessments that benefit our clients.

We are an independent Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Wiley publishes:

Everything DiSC®

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

PXT Select™

5 Behaviors

Click on the links above to learn more about each assessment.

Other leadership assessments we often use with our clients are the Hogan, Leadership Circle, and Shift+® (Shift Positive).

  • Hogan Assessment
    • The Hogan suite of solutions is designed to fit with your existing corporate strategy and span the entire employee lifecycle.
      • Leadership Circle
        • “Leadership Circle prepares leaders for the next millennium – capable of navigating the delicate balance between short-term profitability and long-term good”. (White Paper – Spirit of Leadership)
      • Shift Positive
        • Shift Positive is more than a unique method of gathering and giving feedback. It's a mindset that creates a shift in how leaders engage with one another, building a more positive, solution-focused, engaged, and inspired workforce.

        Hogan Assessment

        Leadership Circle


        Leadership Circle Profile

        Click on the links above to learn more about each assessment.

        Start Your Journey Now


        How We Work

        We work directly with organizations and with external consultants.

        We team up directly with you/your clients to facilitate a leadership retreat, department offsite, or work with a team.

        We would design the session(s), interface directly with the key stakeholder/leader, and administer the assessments for the session(s).

        Your cost: Consulting fee plus cost of assessments

        You/your organization would be responsible for the delivery of the program and administering the assessments.

        We set you up with an account where you order and administer the assessments directly online.

        Your cost: Cost of the assessments plus a small one-time set-up fee*

        * Set-up fee waived if you purchase a facilitator kit or certification

        We guide you to learn how to do it by yourself.

        Your cost: 

        We co-facilitate with you until you are comfortable = consulting fee + cost of the assessments
        We administer the assessments for you until you are ready
         = nominal administrative fee unless we are co-facilitating with you

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