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Our Vision: organizations and communities flourish as open and adaptive living systems.

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Implexiti is a collaboration between The Heffelfinger Company and Time Zero Enterprises. We bring together leading-edge thought leadership with practical experiences in three sectors: Business, Government, and Non-Profit.

Our wish is for a world where all sectors collaborate within their communities to create a sustainable world.

We believe that our prevailing mindset of business as a machine creates a blind spot.

  • Our drive for short-term gain blinds us to the need to invest in and for the future.
  • Our desire for predictability blinds us to the need to sense and respond.
  • Our need for control blinds us to the power of self-organization to foster engagement, spark experimentation, and fuel innovation.
  • Our over-focus on actions (like adapting) blinds us to the importance of becoming adaptable.

See our first blog on Unleashing the Power of Disruption from November 11, 2020.

Our first blog discusses reimaging our organizations to be more adaptive and agile and a better "fit" for an increasingly volatile and complex world, which means also reimagining our leadership.

For more information on our thinking see our other Blogs written specifically with a Living Systems Perspective. (listed below)

Unleashing the Power of Disruption #2: Reimagining Your Organization's Strategy and Teams Together

A discussion of how Teaming is a core element of strategy and design component of adaptive organizations.

Unleashing the Power of Disruption #3: Building Organizational Adaptability as a Capability

We introduced The Adaptive Cycle of Development to help organizations assess where they are on the cycle and how to navigate to optimal performance.

Unleashing the Power of Disruption #4: Navigating Complexity Through Polarities

We discuss how leaders and teams can leverage the generative power of polarities to their organization’s ability to adapt, evolve and thrive.

Unleashing the Power of Disruption #5: Adaptive Leadership

We address three key components of Adaptive Leadership that are critical to discuss first—understanding Technical vs. Adaptive challenges; relying on and valuing diversity and diverse views; and embracing discomfort.

Unleashing the Power of Disruption #6: Reinventing Ourselves as Adaptive Leaders

The case for being adaptable is clear. The question is, do we as leaders know how to build our adaptation capability?

We use the following change model to facilitate organizations in thinking about navigating through change depending on where they are on the adaptive cycle.

Adaptive Cycle of Change

A Model to Navigate Stages of Change and Disruption 

Click to learn more about how we use the Cycle of Change in our work.

 To The Heffelfinger Company Implexiti is the act of

  • Navigating complexity
  • Embracing simplicity
  • Harnessing intuition
  • Aligning with purpose and aspiration

    We facilitate organizations' transformation by

    • Fostering adaptable organizations and leaders
    • Unleashing pent up potential within an organization
    • Engaging the organization and employees
    • Aligning senior teams around strategies to success

    To find out more about transforming your organization, please contact us directly.